What is Z.L.G?

At W3Adz, we believe in our business and the fact that our members can earn enough commissions from their activity on our website to cover the associated fees. That is why we guarantee that you will make more than the amount you spent on our products at the end of their life cycle, things like memberships, rents or revenue sharing.

The life cycle period could be your membership period plus your rent or revenue sharing period.

It means that at the end of your membership period, if you earned less than the amount of your membership fee, we will refund the difference plus some extra amount as "compensation for loss" to your W3Adz balance. There are some terms and conditions though, that you need to read carefully first.

Please note our program is not a HYIP or investment and you will only get paid for your activity on our website. Please read our terms and conditions before signing up.

1- The amount of compensation for loss (CfL)

1.1 The actual percentage of CfL depends on your upgrade plan which are as follows:

  • If you buy "Golden 90 days" membership, the CfL is 5%
  • If you buy "Golden 365 days" membership, the CfL is 9%
  • If you buy "Golden 180 days" membership, the CfL is 7%
  • If you buy "Diamond One Year" membership, the CfL is 12%

1.2 Even if you buy your membership at a discounted price (e.g. when there is a promotion on memberships), we still calculate and pay based on the full price, so the exact amounts of CfL would be:

  • "Golden 90 days" : $1.99
  • "Golden 180 days" : $4.19
  • "Golden 365 days" : $8.09
  • "Diamond One Year" : $41.99

For example assume you upgrade your membership to "Golden 90 days" and pay $39.99. Imagine at the end of your membership period (day 90) you could only make a total earning of $25.63. In this case we add $16.35 to your w3adz balance which consists of $14.36 (membership fee of $39.99 - earnings of $25.63 ) + $1.99 CfL

Revenue sharing

2.1 There is no CfL for revenue sharing as users receive Ad credits free of charge which is detailed below:

5,000 PTC Ad credits, 5 PTSU credits, 15,000 Featured Ad Credits, 15,000 Banner Ad Credits, 2 Months Featured Link Credits, 1 Login Ad Credits and 10 Points

2.2 Also at the time of your ad pack's expiry if you have not made the expected profit, the difference would be refunded to you.

For instance a pioneer member buys 2 ad packs and pays a total of $20. As per our promise on the 'upgrade page', should earn $25.80 in 50 days. If they earn only $19.25 for example, then the remaining $6.55 will be refunded by us to the user without any questions asked.

3 - Rented referrals:

The Z.L.G. rules does not generally apply to rents, but you won't suffer any loss if you stick to the following simple rules:

  • Make sure to click at least 4 ads by the server time (00:01 AM - 03: 00 AM) everyday for optimum referral click results.
  • Extend your active referrals and let the inactive ones expire.
  • Preferably extend for 90 days or more to get more discount.

4 - Membership:

4.1 You can not only buy membership, you will need to rent as well in order to be covered by the Z.L.G.

4.2 Rented referrals should not be in small packages, i.e. with any rent purchase you must select the maximum available pack. For example the maximum package for a golden member is 100RR.

4.3 You must rent on-time and not lose any days in between. For example days between purchasing RR for a golden member is 7 days. If a golden member rents 100 RR, then he/she must rent another 100 RR after exactly 7 days. If it happens on day 8, then Z.L.G. would not apply.

4.4 If there is no referrals for rent, we will make an exception in user's favor, but be mindful that everything is logged and we would know when the referrals are / are not available for rent, when you rented, how many did you rent, etc.

4.5 You should not mismanage your RR or renew the RRs with a low average as you would mindfully losing your money and we would not be responsible for that. We suggest you have a read through the item #3 above (Rented referrals) carefully one more time.

4.6 Membership and RR are complementary, as such buying membership by itself is not covered by Z.L.G. When you upgrade the most important things you get are higher click rates of RR and the higher RR limits as well as higher profit rates of ad packs.

5 - Earnings:

In order to avoid confusion, please note that by earning we mean your total earnings which could be partially cashed out or transferred to the purchase balance, used for buying ads or ad packs, used for renting or extending the rent while keeping the remaining amount in the main balance.

So please review the example we mentioned in the first section about the "Golden 90 days". At the end of the period we do not only look at your main balance, but we consider whatever profit you made from membership or rents or ad packs.

6 - There will be no cover for any other methods of earnings which have not been discussed here.

Thank you for your time in reading this section. If you encounter any ambiguity, please contact the support team. We will update the FAQ according to the questions that arise for users.

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