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Started by Admin 2017-04-06 at 04:57
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Dear members,
We would like to welcome you in our community W3Adz. My name is David Christoff from Australia and I am one of the managers at W3Adz. On behalf of my colleagues, I am here to provide some explanations about our team, our website, how to start, our activities, ...

Who we are?
The W3Adz team is made of 5 people who are leaded by Arnaldo Bocker(DE) as the main admin. Other team members are myself (AU), Joseph Holmes(UK), Olivia Sherry(CA) and Luis Cox(USA). We are following PTC industry since 2008, with all our experience we decided to start W3Adz.
Joseph and I work in members support/solve bugs area, in fact we take care of support tickets and forum. Olivia & Luis manage the financial matters, things like payments, ads, server bills etc

So in summary:
Arnaldo Bocker(DE) : Main administrator - Full permissions
David Christoff(AU) : Admin - For support questions or technical issues
Joseph Holmes(UK) : Admin - For support questions or technical issues
Olivia Sherry(CA) : Admin - Financial manager
Luis Cox(USA) : Admin - Financial manager

What is W3Adz?
W3Adz is an international website, available in English language. Its goal is to introduce advertisers to potential clients, who are the members of our website. W3Adz has currently got 4 functions: PTC, Rev share, Game and Micro Job.
You don't need to pay us a thing to start earning. So register now and start earning money for free! We are working hard on our platform to offer quality and efficient services achieving the satisfaction of each of you. It is time to add one more website to your trusted list :)

$25,000 investment for the big start
Team W3Adz believes that having a proper financial management plan along with a decent amount of budget for starting and maintaining the project is one of the critical steps in website's success path. This is undeniable that websites can not be successful without having their members' support, but ? what we have noticed after reviewing PTC websites is that 99% of website admins are just rely on members' deposits in order to manage their financial matters. This is a wrong strategy and will fail sooner or later as it is a dead financial cycle in which new investors feed old investors and it is reasonable to assume that 80% of those who make profit are among the first investors of that website. But in W3Adz each one of us have invested $5,000 of our own money - which is a total of $25,000 - and after having an adequate financial plan, we decided to start W3Adz. The dedicated funds are estimated to cover the following costs:

1 - Server costs - upgrade server in terms of resource
2 - Coding costs - add new features and capabilities to the website
3 - System upgrade
4 - Site/server security - fraud protection
5 - Extensive advertisement on other PTC and permanent websites through buying Fixed PTC advertisement *
6 - Support the first cashouts, specifically the ones requested by free members.
7 - Paying rewards of contests, such as referral contest, points contest and other contests that will be announced in near future.
8 - Paying bonuses for the micro jobs related to payment proofs, adgrid, ...
9 - A backup for funding unplanned / unpredicted issues

* It is fair to assume that most users are here in W3Adz because of our ads on other Evolutionscript websites Wherever you see an ad with a referral link like http://w3adz.com/?ref=Root and subject W3Adz launched! $1000 Ref Contest it must be run by our team ;)

100% Zero Loss Guarantee(Z.L.G)
There is no risk of losing your investment on W3Adz because we guarantee that you will not suffer any loss at the end of your investment period. Investment period could be your membership period plus your rent or revenue sharing period. It means that at the end of your membership period, if you earned less than the amount of your membership fee, we will refund the difference plus some extra amount as "compensation for loss" to your W3Adz balance. Check this page for more info....

Domain abuse protection
We have got other domains which are all related to W3Adz and all are redirected onto W3Adz.com. We did this in order to prevent possible abuse. Obviously our main domain is the W3Adz.com where the script license has been registered. Our other domains are:
W3Adz.net, W3Adz.info, W3Adz.biz, W3Adz.org, W3Adz.in, W3Adz.us,
W3Bux.com, W3Bux.net, W3Bux.info, W3Bux.biz, W3Bux.org, W3Bux.in, W3Bux.us,
W3-Adz.com, W3-Adz.net, W3-Adz.info, W3-Adz.biz, W3-Adz.org, W3-Adz.in, W3-Adz.us

All domains have got 1-2 year(s) expiry and will be extended in time.

A- Membership - Pioneer membership

The first 10,000 members will instantly get a free pioneer membership with 1 year expiry upon joining. Pioneer membership benefits and its difference with standard membership:

- As a pioneer member, the value of your click is almost twice as the click value of a standard member.
- Referral click rates are higher than standard members
- Pioneer can rent up to 500 referrals while standard can only rent 200
- More Direct Referral limit
- Pioneer members can get up to 2 levels of referral upgrades and referral purchase commissions while standards get only 1 level !
- Can buy a larger number (50% more) of ad packs
- Pioneer members can send money to / receive money from other members internally, so they can give bonus/rebate to their referrals in order to encourage them.
- More point for doing different tasks compared to standard members.

This promotion will end when we reach 10,000 members.

B- Membership - Diamond membership
The first 15 members who can get 500 direct referrals will be awarded a free annual Diamond membership (Costs $349.99).Enjoy it !

C- Membership - Diamond membership
Upgrade now to Diamond membership for 1 year and get 100 FREE rented referral. Plus free 10 days Fixed PTC Advertisement(4 sec) and 250,000 banner credits.

This promotion will end on April 14, 2017.

D- Add fund bonus
Deposit $40 to $85 and receive 2% cash back to your Purchase balance
Deposit $86 to $150 and receive 3% cash back to your Purchase balance
Deposit $151 to $300 and receive 5% cash back to your Purchase balance
Deposit $301 to $450 and receive 7% cash back to your Purchase balance
Deposit+$451 and receive 9% cash back to your Purchase balance

This promotion will end on April 14, 2017.

E- Rent 100 referrals
Rent 100 referrals and get 1,250 PTC credits. This bonus is only for packages of 100.

This promotion will end on April 14, 2017.

For all promotions(C,D and E) you need to send us support tickets and wait for 3-24 hours.

Rent referrals
As an incentive and also a gift to our members, we have set a fixed price of $0.20 per RR for diamond members. It means that no matter you rent 5 or 3,000, you would only pay $0.20 for each RR and unlike other websites the fee would not go up to $0.27 or $0.28. In the other hand if you look at the upgrade page, you will see that a Pioneer member can rent up to 500 RR which is 300 RR higher than a standard member, however the rent fee increases from $0.20 for the first 250 RR to $0.25 for the second 250 RR. And when you have got more than 250 RR, then you will be in the next bucket (251-500 RR) and as such you will need to pay $0.25 for extending each RR next month, so please estimate your budget and decided based on your plan whether to reach 500 RR or not.

Guarantee 30 sec fixed ads daily
We guarantee that standard/pioneer members will get at least 4 x 30 sec ads per day to click, as well as 8 ads for golden members and 10 ads for diamond members.
Also there are more standard ads (30 sec) available for upgraded members from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Australia which can be from 1 to 5 additional ads depending on the membership type. Please check the upgrade page for more info.

Referral contest
Do not miss out on our launch contest, worth $1,000. Promote your referral link and earn extra money!!

1st prize - $400
2nd - $250
3rd - $100
4th - $75
5th - $50
6th - $15
7-12 - $10
13-20 - $5
21-30 - $1

Here you can see leaderboard and prizes: http://www.w3adz.com/referral_contest.php?show=last_30
The contest period would be 30 days and it starts from now ! Winners will be announced within 24 hours after the end of the contest, as it is necessary for us to thoroughly check the winners.

- Please note that W3Adz reserves the right to refuse any member from participating in this $1,000 referral contest if we deem the traffic comes from a very poor quality website that produces mostly inactive referrals.
- Do not spam
- Do not use PTSU and refback system, which means you may not use any services that offers money to your downline to join under you.
- Direct referral(s) need to have minimum 10 clicks.
- Do not buy from websites that offer selling of direct referrals, because not only you will be removed from the contest, but also your account will be suspended.
- Your family members, if living with you in a same place, cannot join unless they use a different computer AND a different internet connection with different IP address.
- Do not use VPN, Proxy, Smart phone or tablet for creating direct referrals.
-* Additional note: you can use PTSU and refbacks for earning income, but in this case you would not be able to participate in the competition.
They are not against general website rules but against the contest rules. For example if you get 100 direct referrals where 70 of them obtained in a normal way and 30 of them from PTSU, you will be removed from the contest.

Payment proof bonus
Posting and publishing your payment proof would be a great contributor to the website's stability, so we have decided to encourage members to do this by giving bonuses which can be points or cash. You would only need to take a screenshot of your received payment and post it in the payment proof section of the forum. Then let us know of the link to your topic via a support ticket in order to get the bonus. We also accept posting in the following forums in addition to our own forum:
EMS, TalkPtc, MMG, RolClub, MoneyFanClub and TalkGold

Terms: in our forum, each proof must be posted in a separate topic

You can post a payment proof in our forum and in all of 6 other forums mentioned above and get a bonus for each one of them. For example if a standard member posts their proof in all 7 (6+1) forums, they will get 185 points; a diamond member will get $0.80 added to their main balance.

Available payment options and why there is no PayPal
Currently we are offering Solidtrustpay, Payza, Okpay, Bitcoin, Advcash, Perfectmoney and Payeer.
We do not accept PayPal !
PayPal has got problems with PTC websites, in addition we are offering multi level commissions and revshare which could be against PayPal rules, so it is not reasonable to take this big risk and put your money and our business in danger.
Instead we tried to replace PayPal with coding and providing a variety of different payment processors which are reliable and would suit most users. You can also use visa/master/credit cards through STP, Payza, ...
Advcash is also a recommended and useful processor where you can add funds in it through different options. Create a free account here

The website is under review by Payza, as such some deposits may not be instant. You do not need to send a ticket as the funds will be added by one of the admins (it may take up to a few hours)

What's coming in near future?
Register business name/office
More processors
More features

How we support / resolve issues for members and advertisers
1- We strongly recommend using the support ticket system (click here) for a better and quicker response/resolution to your question/issue as your issues history would be logged in there and it would me much easier to help you out in future.
2- Please point out minor issues and questions in the support section of the forum(click here) - as there will be many experienced members on each website who can possibly help quicker than the admin.
3- Please check FAQ (click here) regularly as not only you will find answers to most of the common questions there, but also we update that based on the frequent questions asked in the forum or via the support tickets.
4- If you have got a special point/issue to raise which you believe should be taken care of by the main admin, you can contact Arnaldo directly through w3adzcom@gmail.com
Please do not email him for usual account problems / questions, instead use the support ticket (click here)

And the other points we should mention:
- Ask your questions in English.
- Send through the relevant information related to your issue such as transaction details etc with your ticket.
- Do not send duplicate tickets.
- Please read Terms of services, upgrade page, FAQ, NEWS and forum before submitting your support ticket.

Telegram channel
For getting latest updates on you smart phone, you can join our Telegram channel.

Do not forget to like us on facebook

We wish you happy clicking and earnings on W3Adz!

Kind regards,
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W3Adz Team.
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Congrats admin, nice site.
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Congrats for your new site and
thanks for the Pioneer Upgrade!
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congrats Mr Christoff and W3Adz Team

Hope you add neteller

Good Luck and Happy Earning
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nice site
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Congrats admin, nice site.
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